The logo is the distinctive element of a company, it immediately transmits its values, its core business and the importance and prestige of the company. Any logo, year by year, becomes the distinctive trait of a company. It becomes the element that distinguishes us, it becomes what characterizes us, it becomes what remains imprinted in the minds of consumers. The coordinated image and communication of a company move all around the logo. It is a collection of colors, shapes and symbols that bring together the history and strengths of a company and best communicate its mission.

Just as everything within a company evolves, even the logo, the brand is renewed. The style of the corporate brand changes shape by intercepting and anticipating the continuous changes of people and the market. The brand restyling transmits a new energy to the whole business.

But what do we mean by Restyling? In marketing literature, it is the remaking of a symbol / graphic sign, working on form, style, colors and typefaces. Making a restyling does not mean absolutely abandoning the graphic style used, but it allows to modernize the logo, maintaining the elements of continuity between the old logo and the new one.

Spagni & Spagni has decided to implement this renewal, it has decided to expand its values ​​and to have a new image that is expression of its new essence. Always in line with market developments and attentive to the latest innovations and trends, without ever neglecting its own history and tradition, Spagni & Spagni has decided to make a restyling of its corporate image to bring all its stakeholders to the attention of new direction in which it is moving, a new image that fully reflects its values. A turning point for green and all-round sustainability.

The company’s goal is to operate in a project of integral sustainability and to create products that contribute to the quality of life of humanity and the environment. In a context of environmental degradation, we are working every day to guarantee our customers the best products in terms of quality, safety and minimum exploitation of natural resources. Our attention to the environment will be operated on every front: a sustainable and reusable packaging; logistics optimization; the simplification of the packaging system and the optimization of production processes. Everything will be done within a path that will lead us to become a Benefit Company and B-corp.

Spagni & Spagni has decided to make a change in its corporate life, a turning point that begins with a revolution in its corporate image. A new graphic layout, a new site, green world’s colors, more modern logo that is usable for the media. All done with new packaging models and a new communicative style, which sees social media as the main spokesperson for its principles, ideas and products.