We continously undertake new taste experiences, unconsciously looking for new flavours.

Because, after all, we enjoy to test our taste buds, and we love to taste something different stimulating our perceptions.

The concept of taste is wide and sophisticated; many people tried to play it looking for something satisfying each palate, but now the best definition is the old latin expression “De gustibus”; taste is subjective and is different for everybody.

Coca cola tried to understand Italian preferences by means of a marketing survey based on the experience to taste different kinds of food and beverage.

41% of interviewed, can be defined “adventurous” , that is looking for new experiences and new flavours.

Should those “adventurous” eager to share the new taste experience also with more traditionalist relatives ? ( often less willing to change) or the percentage should not change ?

According to 75% of interviewed, sight is the most satisfying sense; taste follows (39%). “Seeing is believing “ , the invitation each dish provides. Sight maintain high expectations! The favorite taste is sweet.

Not by chance, 46% of interviewed start the day  and 25% of interviewed finish the day with something sweet.

Nevertheless, 38% declare to have not time enough to test new mix due to frantic lifestyle; maybe on holidays or the hottest season or during downtime.

Stilness periods allow to enjoy the best food.

So we are different and pleasant; food is not just food but enjoyable “experience”.

In ths spirit, Spagni&Spagni team enthusiast in R&D improves the best mix of taste and flavor, offering solutions that people really want, according to our vision.

“The consumer journey” is complex; the product taste is still important, but more important is the “experience” related to that particular food, package or gift box know how to live and to live again.

To create “emotion” in each solution is Spagni&Spagni challenge.

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