From an social-economic paradigm to a regenerative one.

We could summarize in this way the mission of the new concept “Circular Bar & Grocerant” (Grocery + Restaurant) presented on February at ’Euroshop Dusseldorf”, the most important retail expo worldwide.

The project is a Pollenzo University in culinary science and Epta Group  cooperation.

The main goal is to regenerate the cultural heritage related to food, resetting waste in a social and technical renovation.

That is to project supplies in a systemic way, by means of low environment impact raw materials processable in the environment.

“Upcycling” is the way to a “creative recycling”.

Among the many, the idea of a network of solely producers protecting biodiversity, caring about food and people. The above marriage created the Circular bar.

Accordingly, fixtures, equipment and other food facilities have been projected in a Circular bar concept  and provide an environmental backdrop for a culinary supply biodiversity oriented, tending to favor Upcycling fans and people who  maintain the soil quality, the cattle wellness, and minimize the scrap of food along the network.

Bar & Grocerant is the new “place of worship of anthropologic food “ for daily user’s awareness on circular economy, zero waste, good food, clean and fair, people and planet health, promotion of companies supporting the change in economic and social paradigm from linear to circular.

This change reflect our vision ; a “green” manufacturing process at each stage: Circular, in fact!

Since June  2019 we adopted new processes, looking for new products and new solutions sustainable according to Circular bar philosophy including new products and best Italian food search, packaging updating  to get a completely new recycled and biodegradable package, new values in people that everyday prepare the customers “shop” in valuable shop boxes, to give a surprise smile when receiving them.

Circular is not just a product or raw materials R&D, but an habit, a lifestyle  that Spagni & Spagni’s staff did just and adopt for the common wealth.