Every year, on April, 7th, worldwide health day is celebrated.
It’s a OMS (Word Health Organization) event in order media ang global population pay attention to word health topic.
During the years a lot of activities suceeded, always covering important issues regarding different aspects of health.

Which issue in 2020 ?

For sure Covid -19 will be in the agenda.
Since several weeks we are testimonial of a nearness and solidarity rarely seen in the past and union , according to OMS, is our most powerful weapon against this kind of illness.

Each of us has to do his part, in favor of the community and the world  in total, because only “staying united” but distant, we could overtake those difficult moments.

Among others, we have a big change in our habits, obliged to stay at home to offset contagion.
our daily activities have been changed, making everything difficult; shopping became difficult too.

Luckily e-commerce help us.
Home delivery is a great opportunity; help us in daily activities while we stay at home.

We take care of community health; so we created “GiftTheraphy” allowing anyone to order our food products. Spagni & Spagni will deliver the goods in a beautiful Gift.
A gift for your own, a loved one, friends, colleagues or neighbor looking for support.

Relations grow thanks to small daily gestures that remain impressed in the memory and in the heart of people and generates positive thoughts.

Gift is a powerful remedy. GiftTeraphy helps to spend the day, reduces stress, improves mood, joy and sharing.
A Gift gives a lot of emotions and generates gratitude.

Don’t renounce to birthdays, evenings with friends. All you need is a mobile, a good thought and a lot of sharing.

Spagni & Spagni SOS GiftTeraphy helps you in socializing.

Giving unforgettable moments.

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