Glass packaging is an highly sustainable packaging and this quality is well known by customers.
It’s one of the most lasting packaging materials, replaced by plastics in the 60’s and now back in the market in high performing usages.

Why companies and consumers prefer glass?

According to Assovetro President Marco Ravasi, “ the glass appeal considerably increased”. Glass boxes are universally considered as a safety guarantee and consumption increases every year. In the second quarter of 2019 , glass bottles production increased by 5,4% compared to previous year. Italy is the second player in Europe.”

This choice is a perfect sample of circular economy very interesting for Italian companies, and not only, everyday more interested in glass packaging.
In 2018 glass packaging consumption increased by 1,7% vs previous year, recovery by 8,4% and also recycled waste increased compared to previous year.
Relevant and positive the environmental impact.

Glass boxes are the best for food and beverage because are natural, healthy and pure.
Glass boxes preserve food organolectic properties like flavor and taste, because save from external attach.
Trasparency enables to check the quality and shelf life of the product.
Glass is ecofriendly by definition ; doesn’t pollute because inert from a chemical point of view and fully recyclable.

Spagni & Spagni trust in glass for its capability to preserve products and because is good looking.
The target is to deliver top quality food products, with the best ecofriendly package allowing the customers to make ethic and sustainable choices.

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything changes; glass is the perfect sample.