“Through the Gift, we build deep relationships”


Three words, three verbs, three important actions that allow people to build and strengthen deep and ultimate relationships. This is the philosophy that enlighten the mission and Spagni & Spagni’s activities. A philosophy that gives high value to the Gift, through the gratitude network, in an experience of Italian tastes. Spagni & Spagni’s image comes from the principles and the passion of its founders, Laura and Cristian Spagni. A twenty-years story, made by the corporate culture of family-owned company, the innate predisposition (attitude) to Good Italian Food and the sensitivity to innovations and new trends.

Spagni & Spagni want to represent the Personal and Corporate Gift as the best way to show gratitude and respect for the work, people and the world around us.


Responsibility, an important word for the company, through a coherent attitude in the quality of the products, reliability, respect for people and research in the choice of materials that have a sustainable impact on the environment. A responsibility towards customer care and the importance of the moment of the Gift.

The main goal of the company is to operate in an integral  sustainability project and to create products that take care of people’s life and the environment. In an environmental degradation context, the company is doing everything possible not to harm and to help reduce the problem, committing itself day after day to develop its vision and activities in an eco-friendly way and to encourage its stakeholders to have behaviors in line with a higher ethical value.



With its results and connections in 35 countries between Italy, Europe and the rest of the world, the company’s new goal is to move towards a renewal, turning into a Benefit corporation. This new paradigm is expanding in several countries and Italy is the first nation in the world outside USA where it is recognized as new legal form of enterprise. (January 2016).

The Benefit Companies represent an evolution of the old company concept. They are the expression of a more evolved structure: in addition to profit objectives, they integrate the purpose of having a positive impact on society and on the biosphere.

With an international development plan, Spagni&Spagni has decided to become member of these companies and to implement a “green renewal” that show its contemporaneity and avant-garde.


The company constantly strives to satisfy its customers. <<We are conscious that the expectations around a Gift are very high: both in emotional terms and in quality ones.

The main way to satisfy the customer’s needs is to ensure that our product is the best. Not only for price or compared to the market. But the best. “End of story”>>.



With a range of more than 900 products among traditional Italian food specialties and with a worldwide shipping volume of 247,000 packages, Spagni & Spagni keeps being a reference point in terms of reliability, quality, safety and speed for each of the 485,000 families reached in these years.

Every day each department keeps researching the right way to create the best Gift in its category.