How many times have you wondered if the ideal gift actually exists?

How many times, taken by haste, by stress, by the spasmodic search for the right gift for the right occasion, have you wondered if all these efforts are really appreciated, when it is opened?

A gift encloses a set of meanings and emotions: it is not just a present, it is not just a material gesture to please a person or glorify an anniversary. The gift is something more: it is research, it is emotion, it is empathy, it is adrenaline, it is emphasis, it is knowing the other and respecting it in its true essence. Even the smallest details leave a memory of one’s gesture.

Spagni & Spagni knows this very well … in fact our answer is: “YES! THE IDEAL GIFT EXISTS! ”

Our long corporate experience in the Food Gift field, with the high sensitivity in the concept of the Gift, allows us to immediately understand customer’s needs and transform them into what they really desire.

Each gift becomes so the ideal gift, because it is designed and realized univocally on the characteristics of the person that will receive it! This is a very important detail, in order to be able to give that aura of uniqueness and memorability when the gift is delivered, generating feelings of profound gratitude and gratitude.

Nothing is left to chance, especially our products.

Our gifts are made of typical Italian quality products, expressing the natural places they come from and the art of knowing how to do. Delicious jams, tasty and fine wines, local cheeses, the inevitable homemade pasta: these are just some of the many products that Spagni & Spagni presents in its wide range. Each product in our gift packages is the result of careful research, study and selection of the best partners, all artisan producers.

We feel an important commitment to the customer. Our products must be the best choice when you decide to make a gift. Our goal is to create the best gift in its category.