Next packaging will be ecofriedly.

In Italy and worldwide consumers choices are for a more and more sustainable and fully recyclable packaging .

Ecofriendly consumers ask for more transparent and sustainable packaging; more than 94% of them believe packaging should include more detailed informations regarding sustainability of packaging materials involved.

Global trend is more and more environment oriented and supported by perhaps 50% consumers that reduced purchases of products with not sustainable packaging and 9/10th of them prefere easily recyclable packaging ( European Consumer Packaging Perceptions).

Recycling (see recent Economic Packaging Conference, important meeting for the packaging market) is the topic of circular economy and related UE news.

The challenge is based on the followings : innovation and sustainability.

Sustainability is a medium – long term choice, challenging and strategic for each company. It’s a critical path of small and big steps company can achieve thanks to r&d investments and a new culture.

As a consequence, companies will adopt a strong mission, based on values the 2020 consumer will identify such as sustainability, be eco-friend and care for the product origin.

In such a situation, Spagni & Spagni adopt packagings in line with our own values.

We want to widespread our philosophy because we think progress and development should respect environment, from daily activities to  R&D investments.

We developed a new packaging with 100%  certificated recycled paper. The new package maintain the same structural properties of existing ones in terms of scope and safety, but with a volume lower than 30%.

So we book savings in cellulose and consequently, a reduction in felling of plants, less traffic jam, reduction in pollution fossil fuel and road transport, internal logistic optimization and further reduction in pollution for goods movements.

Furthermore, we push our stakeholder to adopt the same sustainability choices.

We trust eco-friendly values, and we work every day to improve, as much as we can , the world for our benefit and next generations. An attitude widespread in the whole production chain .

So, back to the opening question, to be ecofriendly is  value or trend?