Ours is a family story. We took the first steps 20 years ago, within the historic family business founded in Reggio Emilia, dedicated to the seasoning of raw hams. It is precisely in the renowned Food Valley that we have refined a deep knowledge of the quality Italian food and wine product.

Always curious and attentive to the evolution of the market, noting the growing interest that our products had among people, both in Italy and abroad, we began to study consumer behavior with respect to Italian food products considered real cult in the world. Without our realizing it, our new challenge began!


The main objective of the company is to operate in an integral sustainability project and to create products that contribute to the quality of life of humanity and the environment. We are driven by a dynamic and innovative spirit, in an atmosphere of full collaboration that encourages open communication at all levels. In today’s environment of environmental degradation, we do everything we can to help reduce the problem by reviewing our actions every day and improving them.

For us, reliability is circular. We are reliable, towards customers, towards our stakeholders, towards ourselves.

This is the first value that is recognized to us: listening, professionalism, attention to detail and punctuality are in our DNA.