Our history

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It’s a family story stuff! We took the first steps 20 years ago, within the historic family company founded in Reggio Emilia, dedicated to the seasoning of raw hams. In the renowned Food Valley, we have refined a profound knowledge of quality Italian food and wine products.

Always curious and attentive to the evolution of the market, noting the growing interest that our products received among people, both in Italy and abroad, we began to study consumer behavior respect to Italian food products, considered real cult in the whole world. That’s how our new challenge had begun!

We asked ourselves: “Why not introduce the typical Italian food product, the quality one, to companies and people throughout Italy and all over the world?”. But above all: “Why not spread these extraordinary products through a Gift?”.


Everything we do is driven by an infinite responsibility and an ethics soul. We have a responsibility towards us, towards the importance of the product and towards our customers.

Creating powerful relationships with a Gift is the best way to show respect and a sense of responsibility towards work, people and the world around us. A quality gift, in the hands of someone who appreciates its value, generates feelings of gratitude, creating strong relationships that enrich people’s lives.


Our image is born from the values, experiences and passions that characterize us. It is linked to the idea of ​​authenticity, it is the mirror of what we are. Our work is born from the love to connect people in a world that is running ever faster, with a strong desire to found  the time for the Gift. It has the ability to slow people down, to look around and to connect among them.


The main goal of the company is to operate in a project of integral sustainability and to create products that contribute to the quality of life of humanity and the environment. We are driven by a dynamic and innovative spirit, in an atmosphere of full cooperation that encourages open communication. In an environmental degradation, we do all our best to help reduce the problem, reviewing our actions every day and improving them.

Reliability is circular for us. We are reliable towards our customers, towards our stakeholders, towards ourselves. This is the first value that people recognize to us: listening, professionalism, attention to detail and punctuality are in our DNA.

Versatile and never obsolete: we propose the reuse of our gift boxes, an expression of beauty that emerges from a perfect harmony between object and function. We want to be an example for all the people around us. We want to encourage their spirit of initiative to implement ethical and value behaviors, in full line with our philosophy.


We asked ourselves if the Ideal Gift existed … and our answer is: YES! It exists because we transform the customer’s need, we think, we design and we realize the product.


Each gift pack is handmade by our team members, giving free rein to their creativity. This allows the care and choice of typical Italian quality products, work facts, natural places and the art of knowing how to do. Each product within our gift packages is the result of careful research, study and selection of the best partners, who are all artisan producers.

What do we want to represent with our gifts? The two-minutes-wow!

This is the time when the person receiving the gift is in perfect harmony with the person who gave it to him. It is the time when the thought of those who received the gift is totally addressed to those who did it, in a climate of strong empathy. And this is where the strong and close connection is created. That powerful connection that enriches people’s lives through the exercise of gratitude. In those 2 minutes Wow it’s  contained a set of emotions and a gesture that will hardly be forgotten.


Our gift packages are shipped all over the world, with attention to load management to ensure minimum environmental impact.


Into company’s new goals, there is the one to implement a renewal in the eco-sustainability field, bringing the company towards the new milestone of Benefit Corporation, always maintaining our Precious Family Corporate identity that allows us to be a point of reference for our customers for reliability and speed.

As a company we are committed, in a future working perspective, to implementing a 360 ° Sustainability. We are moving towards a full use of sustainable and reusable packaging, towards the optimization of logistics and production processes, we are committed to putting into practice a set of dynamics towards the customer, but also towards our resources, which are part of an eco-sustainability framework.

We chose a NEW packaging, 100% generated with certified recycled paper!

This product has the same structural characteristics of capacity and safety as the old packaging, but with an overall volume equal to 30% less.

This helps a decrease in the supply of cellulose (avoiding the felling of thousands of plants), generates a 30% decrease in traffic for road transport, thus promoting a lowering of air pollution and fuel consumption and road rubber consumption.

But not only: the choice to use an innovative and eco-friendly packaging also leads to an optimization of internal logistics, with the consequent reduction of all the pollution produced in the movement of goods.

In this way, we feel “Ambassadors” in encouraging all our stakeholders and interlocutors in implementing the same sustainability choices.


How many times we have heard each other asking, “What are you doing?”, “Do you only work with Christmas gift packs?”. Our answer is always the same, supported by the pride of those who know how to do their job well: “We want to inspire the people and companies to give gifts in a different way, during all the year ”.

We use to work every day to guarantee our customers the best products in terms of quality, safety and minimum use of natural resources.

Our products must be the best. For us, quality is not a subjective criterion, but an absolutely objective and definable datum. The search for quality is a process that goes beyond the product itself: only a long and continuous research can lead to a way to create the best Gift in its category.